About Maxema Pens USA - Promotional Pens Suppliers

Maxema is a market leader both in the domestic and international market of promotional writing instruments. All our pens are designed and manufactured entirely in our only Italian premises. where we are able to monitor every stage: from the first prototypes right down to the finished product. The design outcome of ongoing styling research: the lines and colors have inspired the trends of the day. since a promotional pen must attract and excite. as well as quality support for the message delegated to convey.

Pens for Business Promotion

Quality starts with the strict selection of raw materials: the plastic, refills, and inner springs come exclusively. from Italian or German suppliers, who guarantee their quality and reliability. The plastic for our pens comes from top-quality, non-toxic ABS. which highly resistant to knocks and sudden changes in temperature, guaranteeing excellent glossiness and color stability.

Pens Standard


The refills respect EU Directives for hazardous substances (2004/73/EC, 67/548/EEC, 2006/1907/EC-REACH) and the American TSCA. so all the inks are non-toxic. Maxema collection boasts also two models made of plastic suitable for use in toy manufacture. (according to European standard EN71-03 and U.S. FDA regulations). The certificate of origin for our pens also guarantees. that no child labor involved in manufacture, nor working that do not respect workers’ basic rights. We demand the same guarantee from our Italian and German raw materials suppliers. Even a pen can help to spread the culture and respect of the dignity of workers.

Fast and reliable Pens Production

300,000 pieces a day is the production potential of our automated assembly lines when at full capacity. Because quite apart from quality, speed can make a difference too.

Our highly-automated assembly lines ensure fast and highly competitive production times: depending on the model, the machines can assemble from 2000 to 6000 pieces per hour.

Automation also means the guarantee of functionality: strict quality controls check the perfect functioning of each pen at every assembly phase.

We select our raw materials with care.

The plastic used in our pens, refills, and components is sourced exclusively from Italian or German suppliers. so guaranteeing absolute quality and reliability.

MAXEMA Promotional Writing Instruments Made in Italy
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